About Us

The fight is won or lost long before you step into the sacred squared circle, it is won or lost in the gym and on the road. You need skill, fitness and mental edge, with the will to win. We can't help you train and we can't run those miles but we can give you boxing equipment and clothing to help you forget what you are wearing and concentrate on the job. That’s why AMPRO Boxing Equipment have, since 1955, been supplying legends, champions and future champions of the ring!

AMPRO - The Fight Is Won

Although our official birthday is 1955, when AMPRO was officially established, we have been around since the 1940’s. We started out making skipping ropes from our small sports shop in Waterloo (under the arches) for our local boxing club.

Famed for being the “Original English Boxing Brand” that remains independently owned and the last surviving of this golden era of Boxing that isn’t owned by a multiple, we have never forgotten our routes and have stayed true to our boxing heritage, even while going global as a brand, and refusing to sell-out to the multi-national corporate brands.

AMPRO gloves have been worn by some true boxing greats down the ages including Muhammad Ali, Terry Spinks, Terry Downes Henry Cooper, Chris Finnegan, Johnny Caldwell and Sammy McCarthy.