AMPRO Zero Impact Cloud Wheel and Impact Gel Curved Focus Pads Set

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AMPRO Zero Impact Cloud Wheel and Impact Gel Curved Focus Pads Set RRP £149.99 16"  £144.99 Set 14"  £139.99 Set 12.5"

Set Includes:

AMPRO Impact Gel Curved Focus Pads 

Contoured curved hook and jab pads that allow the coach to catch the punch. Foam padding with a Gel lining in the back of the pads, on the inside grip ball, front and back side of wrist guard and on the face centre target spot for shock absorbency and dispersion. Russian style mitt with hand enclosure and finger cover for protection and secure fit. Genuine Leather pad with trainer wrist guard and Velcro hand strap for support and protection. Designed to last round after round giving protection to the coach and boxer.

AMPRO Zero Impact Cloud Wheel 

Incorporates Ampro's new Cloud Padding system giving a felling in-between standard punch cushions and air pads, giving a solid resistance and responsive and reactive feel with every impact.

Quite Simply the pad absorb impact while offering resistance for a better feel. This thick jumbo cushioned punch gong is complete with extra thick, padded reinforced, riveted side handles crafted to take a pounding and come back for more.

Twin sided for easier fighter positioning, extra-light weight, yet a heavy duty round shield that is super for heavy hitters, elite fighters and trainers that need a more power based impact-free workout. Ideal for alleviating stress on trainer’s wrists, elbows and shoulders with Ampro's technically advanced impact cloud absorption padding. This is a coaches new best friend, saving elbows one pad at a time!


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