AMPRO Duck and Dive Slip Ball

AMPRO Duck and Dive Slip Ball

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AMPRO Slip Ball / Maize Ball / Duck and Dive / Roll With The Punches / Slipping / Ducking / Footwork / Punch Ball / Bobbing and Weaving Ball

Benefits of a maize ball but with increased difficulty for the fighter, to train accuracy  speed and hand to eye co-ordination. Hang from a door way or ceiling and use the increased swing of the ball to train rolling in, slipping punches and bobbing and weaving Mike Tyson style. Iron Mike famously used a slip ball to train his head movement. Filled with sand for a weighted feel. Ideal addition for any serious gym or club environment.


- Chain: 18"
- Punch Bag: 10-12 lbs
- Swinging Ball To Help Improve Footwork and Head Movement
- Maize Ball and Focus Ball in one
- Ideal for the commercial environment or professional boxing gym

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We can't help you train and we can't run those miles but we can give you boxing equipment and clothing to help you forget what you are wearing and concentrate on the job. That’s why AMPRO have, since 1955, been supplying legends, champions and future champions of the ring!

Put your faith and trust in the name that is boxing, the legend, AMPRO.

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