Ampro Face Protector Head Guard - Black

AMPRO Face Protector Head Guard - Black

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AMPRO Face Protector Head Guard - Face Saver / Full Face Head Gear / Bar Nose Protection

Full face no contact head guard with moulded plastic face bar for protection. Shock absorbing headgear has high and low density foam for protection, absorption and fit. The contoured bar is a real face saver that stops punches penetrating to your face. Full grain top quality leather head guard with padded forehead, ears and back for unbeatable protection while sparring. Adjustable chin strap, with lace back and top for a bespoke ones size fit's most size. Comfortable liner is smooth and easy to wipe off perspiration after boxing training. Bar head guards are ideal for professional and amateur fighters to use before a big fight to help prevent injury as well as for people that are getting over an injury or because of work commitments you don't want any. Leather.


- Offers Superior Face Protection
- One Size Fit's Most
- Full Face Head Guard
- Great for Injured boxers or those with a fight coming up

Package Dimension:

34.1 x 30.1 x 25.6 cm

772 Grams


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Our Philosophy

We can't help you train and we can't run those miles but we can give you boxing equipment and clothing to help you forget what you are wearing and concentrate on the job. That’s why AMPRO have, since 1955, been supplying legends, champions and future champions of the ring!

Put your faith and trust in the name that is boxing, the legend, AMPRO.