Ampro Interval Sparmate 2 or 3 Min Round Timer

AMPRO Interval Sparmate 2 or 3 Min Round Timer MKII

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AMPRO Interval Sparmate 2 or 3 Min Round Timer MKII - Light Indicators / Professional / Amateur / Ring / Circuit / Club Timer

This sparring partner has clearly visible light indicators as well as an extra loud audible bell, that can be heard and seen easily in a busy boxing gym or club environment.

Features switches for 2 or 3 minute rounds and the option of 30 seconds or 60 seconds rest period, making it ideal for professional or amateur sparring timing use. Easy use with On/off switch.

Durable and robust gym timer ideal for use in a commercial environment.

Complete with a 30 second end of round warning whistle to alert you anywhere in the gym

The light up sequence warning system, visually indicates where you are at in the round at all times - Green for go ( workout), Yellow for 30 seconds of round remaining and Red for the rest period.

Easy gym use with On/Off Dial.

Timer Features:
- Easy to use switches
- Ideal for professional or amateur sparring timing use
- Light indicators as well as bell sound for end of round
- Durable and robust gym timer suitable for gym environments
- UK mains powered (220V AC)

New V2 version features a Hush Mode Switch that allows you to turn down the volume level. Ideal if using in a garage or studio type environment rather than a busy or loud gym.

Size: 11"(Width) x 7.5"(Height) x 4.75"(Depth)

Wire Length: 61"

Package Dimensions: 

32.8 x 26.2 x 18.4 cm



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