AMPRO MKII Target Precision Paddles

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AMPRO MKII Precision Paddles - Coaching Tool / Aid / Tap Pads / Target Pads

Innovative elite coaching tool to help develop pin-point precision, speed and accuracy with all punches and combinations for every skill level while relieving some of the stress on the coaches wrist, elbow and shoulders. 

The design of the paddles allows the trainer to tap and lightly hit the athlete to work on offence and defence at the same time. Ideal for improving head movement and blocking and adding coaching and workout variety too. Intended for light tapping work off limited resistance, you're not looking to power punch but using them for repetition, reaction and co-ordination.

Made from leather and professionally padded, these precision paddles are incorporated into the workouts as replacements to conventional punch mitts. Complete with a wrist loop to improve safety for both trainer and athlete.

Sold in pairs. Paddles allow a coach to position the fighter better and mimic realistic situations in closing distance and the art of in and out fighting.

Ideal training tool for boxing and MMA fighters alike. 



- Approx 37.5cm Long and 17.5cm Wide (At widest point)

Coaching tool that helps relieve stress on the coaches wrist, elbow and shoulders.

- These are made from Leather for increased quality and durability

- Easily Manoeuvrable for the coach 

- Allows the coach to position the fighter better

- Saving coaches elbows one punch at a time

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