AMPRO Speedster Jump Rope Set

AMPRO Speedster Jump Rope Set

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Ampro Speedster Jump Rope Set. Super fast skipping ropes ideal for fast cardio workouts and double under jump rope workout. Features the XFit wire rope for super speed skipping and the Boxer style liquorice rope for a faster style speed rope that allows for footwork and timing drills. Set Includes:

Cable speed rope with innovative speed handles. TPU which is a highly flexible abrasion resistant material coated 2.5mm wire rope. Designed for jump rope training at high speed. 10ft adjustable rope.

 Boxers style rope with new innovative pivotal speed connectors for a seriously fast speed skip. 5" matte finish unbreakable easy grip injection moulded high density shatter-proof polyethylene handles. High quality 5mm PVC cord. Size can be adjusted and made to the perfect length for you. Longer length 10ft rope for taller skippers up to 6ft 6", with this easily adjustable rope you can get a bespoke length perfect for you. 


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