Ampro V2 Amateur Boxing Gym Wall Clock

Ampro V2 Amateur Boxing Gym Wall Clock

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Ampro V2 Amateur Gym Wall Clock - 2 Minute Round - 1 Minute Rest - 3 minute Timer / Boxing / Sparring / Ring

Re-designed V2 model of the popular Ampro amateur 2 minute with 1 minute rest boxing clock is the most accurate and reliable boxing wall timer on the market. Complete with a 2 minute round Black face design and 1 minute rest Red face design for easy time recognition, along with an extra loud buzzer to indicate start and the end of the round.  Now with the additional feature of an LED coloured light to represent workout (Green) and rest (Red) periods. Smooth clock arm movement on dial. Ideal for boxing gyms and clubs UK 220v AC50Hz mains power supply.


- 3 minute Wall Clock for a 2 Minute Round, 1 Minute Rest

- Control Box has a three way switch with options of Reset/Off/Start

- Large Size - 435 X 435 clock face making it easily visible in the gym

- Extra loud buzzer can be heard in a busy Gym or Club environment

- Wall Hanged Sparring Round Clock

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